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Author and illustrator workshops

Author visits are a powerful tool for turning children into life-long readers. Meeting an author is a memorable event and leaves children with warm and fresh aspirations for reading and writing. Having a visit from an author allows young people to see that books are written by real people just like them, and that writing or illustrating a book is something that they can accomplish too! After an author visit, you will notice a pleasing transformation of attitude towards books in the school library.

Zanib Mian, Author of ‘Oddsockosaurus’ and ‘The Fairytale Times,’ says: “I absolutely love talking to children about being an author, and watching the excited sparkles in their eyes. The proud and contented looks they shoot at me when I tell them that they can all be authors too, is priceless! The experience of inspiring children to build their own narratives and creative ideas is a very gratifying one. "

Gail Carlyle, Deputy Head at a London Primary School remarks: “Zanib is an author who clearly understands children."

School teachers, librarians, and event organisers are usually the people who make the magic happen. Depending on what is required by the organiser, we will arrange a story telling session—using props and other goodies that only the creators of the book would have access to—with an opportunity for the children to ask questions and have books signed. In addition, our authors and illustrators can deliver a  creative arts or writing workshop. 

If you have any special themes in mind, we can create workshops to suit those too!

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