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Authors and illustrators

Zanib Mian

Zanib is the author of The Robot That Said Moo, Oddsockosaurus and many other popular picture books. She's still very much in touch with her inner child, which may be why she connects so well with her readers! 

Follow Zanib on Twitter @zendibble

Tugrul Karacan

Tugrul is the talent behind the loveable The Robot that said Moo. He is a cartoonist and ilustrator of a series of Angry Bird books. Tugrul lives in New York. When he's not drawing you might find him....

Follow Tugrul on Instagram @TKARACAN. He's also on Facebook as Tugrul Karacan.

Fatima Mian

Fatima is the debut illustrator of It Must Have Been You. She works full-time as a primary school teacher in London. Fatima says the best part of that job is using her creativity to build awesome things with the children - like 3D astronauts and dinosaurs!

Laura Ewing Ferrer


Laura Ewing Ferrer studied at the Florence Academy of Art, and has been teaching in a primary school for the last four years, in Madrid. She was once a grasshopper's best friend for a whole day!

Follow Laura on Twitter and Instagram @LauraEwingFerrer

Bill Bolton

Bill illustrated Oddsockosaurus and many other children's books that have sold in their millions and been translated into fourteen languages.

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