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Children’s Picture Books with Black Characters

This post compliments our piece on Racism and the Black Lives Matter Movement. We’re a small publisher and just starting out at Sweet Apple, and although all of our books are diverse, we don’t have enough titles to give you a list at the moment. However, we’re pleased to say that our Oddsockosaurus featured below was applauded in an article on diversity in the Guardian. We think it’s important that you have access to and hear about the fantastic books below, by our esteemed colleagues, and hope you enjoy them.

Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion

By Alex T Smith

£6.99 Paperback (2016)

ISBN 13: 9781407143903

ISBN 10: 1407143905

The Bus is for Us! By Michael Rosen, illustrated by Gillian Tyler £6.99 Paperback (2016) ISBN 13: 9781406365542

ISBN 10: 1406365548 [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]

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ISBN 10: 1907825053


By Zanib Mian, illustrated by Bill Bolton

£6.99 paperback (2015)

ISBN 13: 978-0956419675

ISBN 10: 0956419674

Check out our widget for this book!

15 Things Not to Do with a Baby by Margaret McAllister, illustrated by Holly Sterling £6.99 paperback (2016) ISBN 13: 9781847807533

ISBN 10: 1847807534

The New Small Person by Lauren Child £6.99 paperback (2014) ISBN 13: 9780723293613

ISBN 10: 0723293619

I Can Do it Too! by Karen Baicker, Illustrated by Ken Wilson-Max £7.99 hardback (2010) ISBN 13: 9780811875608

ISBN 10: 0811875601

Chicken in the Kitchen by Nnedi Okorafor £6.99 paperback (2015) ISBN 13: 9780993225307

ISBN 10: 0993225306

Diary of a Time Traveller by Nicholas Stevenson and David Long £14.99 hardback (2015) ISBN 13: 9781847806369

ISBN 10: 1847806368

Splash, Anna Hibiscus! by Atinuke, illustrated by Lauren Tobia £6.99 paperback (2014) ISBN 13: 9781406354683

ISBN 10: 1406354686

Ten Little Pirates by Mike Brownlow, illustrated by Simon Rickerty £6.99 paperback (2014) ISBN 13: 9781408320044

ISBN 10: 1408320045

I Will Be Especially Very Careful by Lauren Child £6.99 paperback (2012) ISBN 13: 9780141341538

ISBN 10: 014134153

Lulu Loves Stories by Anna McQuinn and Rosalind Beardshaw £4.99 hardback (2011) ISBN 13: 9781907825002

ISBN 10: 1907825002


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