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Submission guidelines


We are always open to hearing about new and wonderful ideas from authors and illustrators! Please have a good read of the guidelines below before submitting your work to us.


Please familiarise yourself with our titles, to get a feel for the type of books we publish. We publish books for children aged 0-12; mainly focusing on picture books for 2-7 year olds, but also on the look-out for new talent in chapter books for children. We do have a passion for diversity, however, we do not publish religious books or 'issue' books.


Submissions of fiction and non-fiction ideas are welcome.

Please send all submissions on paper, by regular post. Please do not send original text, illustrations or artwork in case of loss or damage in transit. We are unable to guarantee a reply to every submission we receive, but the inclusion of a stamped, self-addressed envelope is necessary if you would like your submission to be returned.

All submissions should be addressed to:
Submissions Department
Sweet Apple Publishers
Suite H
31-33 College Road
Harrow, Middlesex

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